Become a WGXC Volunteer

WGXC is made possible by hard-working volunteers. Everything you hear on 90.7-FM is the result of volunteer effort. From mending our broken headphone cables, shoveling snow to provide access to the studios, recording town meetings and events, and being on the air sharing music and words, our volunteers keep this station going. You don't have to know anything about radio or audio production to make a difference - we need you just as you are! Volunteering for WGXC can be a free and fun way to learn new skills and meet your neighbors, people you may see every day, but still don't know. Our volunteer meetings are friendly and open to the public - come by, hear what we're planning for the next month, and get a sense of what it takes to keep the radio station alive. Before you know it, you'll be participating in this hands-on media project!

How can your skills help WGXC? Can you answer a phone and say "Good morning, WGXC!"? Or sit at a table during a town-wide event and tell people about community radio? Put up a flier at your workplace, or favorite local hang? Bring a Zoom recorder to your next town or school board meeting? All of this (and more) helps keep WGXC on the air, and working at its best for our communities. If you'd like to get involved, get in touch!

Join an Advisory Committee

In working to create a truly participatory radio station, WGXC requires constant input and energy from the community it seeks to serve. Community members seeking to deepen their involvement with WGXC should consider joining one of the station's volunteer advisory committees. Presently, there are four advisory committees concentrated on the areas of outreach, fundraising, programming, and policy. Descriptions of each advisory committee can be found below. The public is welcome to attend these (and any) WGXC meetings.

The WGXC Community Programming Advisory Committee.
This committee meets the third Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. to review incoming program applications, conduct programming evaluations, draft updates to WGXC programmer instructions and resources, and review any community programmer infractions. To learn more about the Programming Committee, please contact Program Director Katy Donnelly.

The WGXC Outreach Advisory Committee.
The WGXC Outreach Advisory Committee sets and meets goals in order to engage new audiences. The advisory committee ensures representation in the community whether staffing a table at a community event, speaking to a group about the station, or attending events on behalf of WGXC. The committee meets at 6 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month. To get involved with the Outreach Committee, email Cheryl K. Symister-Masterson.

WGXC Fundraising Advisory Committee.
This group provides leadership with regards to fundraising events and major donor gifts. The advisory committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month, at 6 p.m. Those seeking to take an active role in WGXC's fundraising are welcome to join the advisory committee, and should contact Station Manager Lynn Sloneker to learn more.

WGXC Policy Advisory Committee.
This advisory committee is charged with reviewing and revising WGXC program policies for quality and assurance. As WGXC is a Program Division of Wave Farm, policy revisions that carry legal and/or financial repercussion, as well as revisions that include any deviation from WGXC’s founding vision and Wave Farm’s organizational mission are presented to Wave Farm’s Board of Directors and legal counsel (where relevant) for review and final approval. Learn more about this advisory committee by contacting Station Manager Lynn Sloneker.

WGXC Volunteer Meetings

WGXC volunteer gatherings occur about monthly, and are a way to meet and touch base with other members of the WGXC family. If you'd like to volunteer and can't attend these meetings, please contact volunteer [at]

Outreach Volunteers

Outreach Volunteers help the staff and station get the word out about WGXC to more people in our communities. This includes planning and implementing events and fundraisers, and helping to represent WGXC at community events such as parades, fairs, and expos. You can also help bring new people onto WGXC by bring a Zoom recorder to the events you already attend, or organize. Outreach Volunteers can also help to support WGXC's bi-annual pledge drives, usually in spring and the fall. To get involved, contact cheryl [at]

This is the WGXC Outreach Calendar, which includes all upcoming WGXC events, and public meetings. Scroll through for our latest happenings!

Cleaning & Maintenance

Are you handy with a hammer? Proudly obsessive compulsive, with a tendency to make every surface sparkle? Have a truck that makes frequent dump runs? Operating a radio station can get messy, and we sometimes break things. Add your name to the list of handy-people we can call next time we break a window, or join forces with others to rotate cleaning tasks in the Hudson or Catskill studios. Contact volunteer [at] to learn more.

Archive & Technical

If you are savvy with data management, we can train you to become a specialized archive assistant. Or, if you feel better with a soldering iron and a circuit board, or have radio engineer experience, we can put you to work. Maintaining and updating studio equipment and the technical infrastructure that keeps WGXC broadcasting requires dedicated hands-on work from skillful volunteers. Please contact Lynn [at] to learn about how your technological skills can be of use.

Office Staffing

Spend some time during the week helping out around the Hudson studio. We get phone calls throughout the week, many of which are just curious individuals who want to learn more about WGXC. You can help us answer these questions, and also help out with other tasks as they come along. Drop a line to volunteer [at] to find out when you can help out.

Event Documentation

Are you a photographer, or video maker? WGXC needs talented and trainable people to document the events we are co-presenting throughout Greene and Columbia counties. Contribute and reach thousands of viewers/listeners through the WGXC website, where visual documentation will be featured. If you are interested in documenting WGXC events, please contact jess [at]

Town Recorders

WGXC volunteers can record town meetings, candidate forums, performances, workshops, lectures, and other events throughout Greene and Columbia counties to air on WGXC FM. WGXC will also train volunteers interested in producing other kinds of content and lend out equipment. Interviews, text stories, feature reports, audio and video news stories, oral histories, and other forms will be created by trained volunteers. This will allow community members to share more information about their local government, their neighbors, and issues and stories of interest. Contact volunteer [at] for more information about becoming a WGXC Town Reporter or Recorder.

Alan Skerrett, Sakura Saunders and Nan Rubin during Barnraising Plenary

Attendees at the WGXC/Prometheus Radio Project Station Barnraising make cables and radio.

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