The Criminal Law Show

Hosted by Dan Arshack
The Criminal Law Show will address practical issues like: What happens when you are arrested? What rights do you have when approached by the police? What happens if you are subpoenaed to testify in a case? I'd like to hear from listeners about their experiences in the criminal justice system... what worked, what didn't, was the system fair... why or why not? We’ll also talk about public affairs issues: Should marijuana/drugs be legalized... what would the result be? Should juries be informed that they have the right to vote their conscience when they believes laws are wrong (like draft resisting cases, marijuana cases and sometimes in vigilante justice cases)? There are national issues which relate to the direction in which the Supreme Court is moving, what effect changes in the requirements of giving Miranda warnings have on our due process rights and on and on. On the international stage, there are tremendous developments in the International Criminal Tribunals in the Hague, Rwanda, Cambodia, Lebanon and elsewhere which affect the development of law here and in developing countries throughout the world.

I am passionate about this stuff and enjoy engaging with people about their ideas. We’ll have occasional guests like local law enforcement personnel, police, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and legislators to join with me to discuss issues which matter to all of us. I hope listeners will call in and participate in an interactive and stimulating platform to address these issues.
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